R&R – Rum and raspberry

Mauritian rum and raspberry
Rum and raspberry

This is a quintessential Mauritian cocktail and it originates as a result of the rum producing background that Mauritius has.

My version has been adapted slightly to use what I have available but the original R&R would use Tipo Tinto rum and a bright red, almost sickly sweet raspberry soda. If you are in south Africa or can get your hands on Sparberry this is the exact version of raspberry soda you are looking for. There are other alternatives like Pallonjis lemon and raspberry soda that have the same flavour and would work very well also.

I used a fizzy raspberry drink that I found at my local store which worked well and felt a bit healthier because it was not so sugar laden.

Let’s get mixing….

Simply half fill your glass with ice, pour over a double shot of white rum, the size of a double shot does vary from place to place but a little extra rum never hurt. Top with the raspberry soda and a few fresh raspberries and mint.

The fresh raspberries are a great treat once they become soaked with the rum so don’t throw those away when you’re done drinking!

Exotic rum and raspberry

  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Print

Mauritian rum and raspberry cocktails


• Double shot of white rum
• 150 ml of raspberry soda
• Handful of fresh Raspberries, optional
• Sprig of mint to garnish
• Ice to serve


  1. Add ice into a short glass
  2. Pour over the rum and top with raspberry soda and berries
  3. Enjoy preferably poolside

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